dimanche 17 avril 2016


Hiiii girls, today I decided to change a bit my article. I'm going to share 11 random & funny things about me :)
1. I can't sleep without my pink blanket that I received when I was born (I'm 22 years old now.. yeah)
2. I'm older than my manager. Don't try to understand please because even me I can't believe it.
3. The struggle of my life: I rarely drink water however, I drink cola like water.
4. I put 6-7 spoons of sugar in my tea. (I'm mad, I know.)
5. I've never watched Harry Potter & Twilight until the end.
6. I've never been to the gynecologist once in my life.
7. I don't like cats. They are to weird for me.
8. 2 years ago, I shaved the back of my head because I was literally tired of making my hair every months. (so expensive though) Finally I think that my face looks better with short hair.
9. I watch "Les Anges, Bachelor ect.. " yeah I'm so damn weak. Forgive me.
10. I'm totally scared of bees. I just sprint when I see one. People who know me, know how I OVERreact (hahahaha)
11. I'm in the UK since almost 2 years now. (Last year Birmingham and now London)


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