jeudi 1 septembre 2016

Back in London

Guess what ? I'm finally back in London after 2 months !!!!! 
How do I feel ? I really feel good because I've been used to live by myself. (However, I'll never be happier in Geneva. my home town than anywhere else!!!) .. Wait !! I said "I feel good" but actually it was only for 1 day I guess. Once I came, I had to deal with too many things (looking for a new flat, university ...) which took my all of my time. I don't even understand how did I find the time to take pictures hahaha. Anyways, let me settle down a bit and I'll be back with more posts !!!!

T-shirt - Pull&Bear (here)  // Trouser - NewLook (here) // Shoes - Adidas NMD


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