vendredi 17 février 2017

Biker jacket

(pause.) Have you seen this jacket properly? If not, please zoom in ! Let me quickly tell you the short story of this biker jacket. So basically, I went out for shopping with my cousins. Arrived in Forever21, they were trying few things and me the same. When I came out of the fitting room, I just saw a girl with this jacket but I was already saying " This jacket is not on sale for sure. It looks like 50£" I asked to my cousin to ask to the girl if it was on sale and she magically said YES. Guess the price? 18£ !!!! Then, the girl just left the jacket, I ran to check the size but it was a Large. I packed my stuff and ran outside to look for a M. I saw  around 60 jackets on the clothing rail but it did not stop me to check  every single one til' found only a M! Wasn't I so lucky seriously? So yeah, here my new jacket, hope you'll like it =)

Jacket - Forever21(but not on the website anymore sorry.)


2 commentaires

  1. J'adore ta tenue et particulièrement tes chaussures !!

  2. Nan mais cette veste!!!! Elle est juste canon, j'adore!!