dimanche 26 février 2017

Sweet weather

Have you noticed this sweet weather in London ?  (dit la fille qui est tombée malade suite à ça). Sweet weather = legs out then sick in bed haha.  I was so happy to go out with a small jacket for once. I bought this jacket long time ago though I know, I need to stop buying stuff and then taking picture of it 2-3 months later because they won't be available online anymore. Sorry guys. Let me tell you the story of this jacket (again!!) I was out with my friend and we stopped in front a store called "MATALAN" and I was saying to my friend bad things about it such as " Yh this store is so horrible, the quality so cheap, everything looks ugly". Then, I saw this jacket on the rail clothing in front of the door and I was like "Hold on a minute, lemme see this jacket quickly" HAHAHA ... I just ended up buying it, end of story.  *dumb emoji*
Jacket - Matalan // Jumper - Forever21 // Skirt - Missguided // Shoes - CDG converse


3 commentaires

  1. Le col roulé est superbe, j'adore énormément la tenue !!

  2. Magnifique, je dirais même parfaite !
    J'aime beaucoup tes converses, et ton pull.


  3. Canon ! J'adore la tenue et l'association des matières ! Bisous xoxo

    Margot du blog Actually Blondie