mercredi 20 avril 2016

Around shoreditch

Hi guys! Today with Anaelle, we went around Shoreditch to take pictures. Shoreditch is a good spot in case you're looking for good colourful places with tags on wall. This place is really creative, so if you like pop colours, I definitely recommend you to go there. However, I prefer so far plain walls. 
Hope you'll like the piiiiictures :-)

Sleeveless jacket - Pull&Bear // Crop top, Trouser & hat - H&M // 


dimanche 17 avril 2016


Hiiii girls, today I decided to change a bit my article. I'm going to share 11 random & funny things about me :)
1. I can't sleep without my pink blanket that I received when I was born (I'm 22 years old now.. yeah)
2. I'm older than my manager. Don't try to understand please because even me I can't believe it.
3. The struggle of my life: I rarely drink water however, I drink cola like water.
4. I put 6-7 spoons of sugar in my tea. (I'm mad, I know.)
5. I've never watched Harry Potter & Twilight until the end.
6. I've never been to the gynecologist once in my life.
7. I don't like cats. They are to weird for me.
8. 2 years ago, I shaved the back of my head because I was literally tired of making my hair every months. (so expensive though) Finally I think that my face looks better with short hair.
9. I watch "Les Anges, Bachelor ect.. " yeah I'm so damn weak. Forgive me.
10. I'm totally scared of bees. I just sprint when I see one. People who know me, know how I OVERreact (hahahaha)
11. I'm in the UK since almost 2 years now. (Last year Birmingham and now London)


dimanche 3 avril 2016

Spring and only spring

Today I finally decided finally write in Enlish !!(clap your hands please!)
So yeah, spring is definitely here. It's been a very long time (especially in London) that I've been waiting for it. Do you know this feeling when everything looks beautiful just because the sun's up ? No wind, no clouds, no bullshit, just the sun. Sooo, come on girl, let's shoooooot quickly. So yeah, this weather took me around Notting Hill which is my favorite aera in London so far. Small streets full of colourful houses. (Solange are you the architect of this area ?). If you come in London, you better visit Notting hill gate because it just slays !!
Crop top - Newlook  // Trouser - Topshop (similar here) // Trench - Bershka (old collection)