samedi 25 juin 2016


Hi everyone, hope you are good :D
Let me tell you that today was the first time that I went out with my legs out. Can you believe that I've been able to wear the short skirt without any problems? Jheez.. 
I ain't say nothing about the London's weather. Within one hour only, everything can happen. SUN-RAIN- CLOUDS- SUN-CLOUDS-RAIN-WARM-COLD .. You better be ready !!!Anyways, I won't complain because the sun was up all the day long. Do you want to shop my clothes ? Everything simply comes from Bershka. Skirt here and the long shirt here. (To be honest, I'm a bit pissed off because I did not buy them on sale --' so hurry up giiiiirls)
Skirt - Bershka // Shirt - Bershka // Mules - Office (check the link on the previous post)


dimanche 19 juin 2016

Mules are back

 Hello girls, so today I'm back with a new simple outfit. Being casual is always the best solution !!!
Mom jean, white t-shirt, bomber, nothing else. Have you seen my heels ? Actually, I am so in love with mules. They're so comfortable (FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE THAT I CAN SAY THAT ABOUT HEELS). You can definitely run the world with them on your feet, I swear to God. Anyways, you can shop them (on sale!! hurry up!!) just here and my bomber from Newlook here.


lundi 6 juin 2016

Pink on me

Guess what ? TODAY the sun was HIGH in the sky and it was 25 degrees. For the first time in my life (IN LONDON, sorry but I had to precise) I walked in the streets with a t-shirt. I could even say that I was sweating. God, who would've believed that it will happen one day? I still remember that last week I wore my big scarf that I usually wear in Winter .. quiet weird init ?
Until June you can definitely wear a winter coat and then suddenly going out with a short.
Anyways, let's talk about my outfit. So I bought this new trouser that I saw long time ago in Topshop. I've been undecided for ages because it's quiet expensive for what it is though. The material is really thin so they could've reduced the price --'. Anyways, I bought it and I'm really happy because it's the perfect trouser to wear when it's hot and look at this color? don't you like it ? (smiley qui drague)
What do you think about my fleeky pinky new heels ? I'm so in love with them :) If you are looking for a pair of heels or whatever, I definitely recommend you to check publicdesire's website. All the shoes are amazing with low prices !!

Jean jacket - second hand shop // Top - H&M // Trouser - Topshop here // Heels - PublicDesire here