jeudi 22 septembre 2016

The autumnal trench

Mhmm you see, I'm ALREADY back with a new outfit ;)
As I said on my previous post, I'll try my best to post more often . So yeah, here we are! Okay, first, let me talk about this trench! THE trench perfect to wear in Autumn, you definitely must have one at least. Is it not so damn amazing ?? Big thanks again to my sister who bougth it for my birthday. (Yes, I turned 23 on the 13th of September! .. 23 years old.. damn.) I still look like I'm 18 years old but actually I'm really 23 and I'm already having deep thoughts about life, future and everything...Jesus (HAHAHA). You know when you're seated on the tube, looking at people and noticing that you have too many things to deal with ..Bruh, this is me actually. (but thank GOD, I'm still alive!)

Let me know what do you think about this outfit in comments :D

Hat - h&m // Coat - stradivarius (here) // Top - Pull&Bear (not online anymore)


mardi 20 septembre 2016

Autumn is coming

Hi everyone, hope you're well !
Sorry for being so inactive .. those last two weeks have been so annoying and stressful for me. Within one week I had to move out two twice. Can you believe it ? moving out two times ? Like packing, unpacking and repacking and re-unpacking your stuff ? That was hella TI-RING. 
Anyways, I'm still aliiiiiiiive and I was happy to take pictures today with Alexandra. I swear, if I could, I'd take pictures of my outfits every single days.. :(
From today, I promise I'm going to take more time for my blog !

Hat - h&m here // Bomber - Newlook // Trouser - Avant Première // Heels - Public Desire (on sale!)here


jeudi 1 septembre 2016

Back in London

Guess what ? I'm finally back in London after 2 months !!!!! 
How do I feel ? I really feel good because I've been used to live by myself. (However, I'll never be happier in Geneva. my home town than anywhere else!!!) .. Wait !! I said "I feel good" but actually it was only for 1 day I guess. Once I came, I had to deal with too many things (looking for a new flat, university ...) which took my all of my time. I don't even understand how did I find the time to take pictures hahaha. Anyways, let me settle down a bit and I'll be back with more posts !!!!

T-shirt - Pull&Bear (here)  // Trouser - NewLook (here) // Shoes - Adidas NMD