jeudi 20 octobre 2016

Back at layers

Hiiiiii girls ! Hope you're well :)
I've been a bit quiet those two weeks because as you know I've started uni which is already killing me. A lot of reading, exhibitions and reports to do.. I'm like "Heeeeey calm down we only started 3 weeks ago, come on!" but anyways it's uni I guess. So today, I wanted to show you a comfy outfit. The weather as definitely changed and I'm sick every 2 weeks --'. This weather is all about coats, sweaters , scarves and boots .. I kind of like autumn (even though it looks like it's already Winter though) because you can rock many layers which makes your outfit so comfy. 


mercredi 5 octobre 2016

Jean and jean

Today was all about jean !!! (and my new boots obviously ^^)
I bought this denim jacket when I travelled in Toronto 4 years ago in a thrift shop. As you can see it's still in a good state and still trendy. Now let me talk about my new boots !!!! I'm not going to lie, I love them so muchhhh. The color, the shape, the heel... everything is on POINT. Boohoo didn't disappoint me at all. First I wanted to go for dark red boots but I've found them.. (the red dark ones are still in my mind though). If you like those kind of boots, you can literally find them everywhere! Boohoo, ego, publicdesire, River Island, topshop. All depends of your budget. I got mine for 28£ :)

By the way, it was my first week of university. I'm so happy to finally start studying what I really like. I came from far (basically from Switzerland studying social). I had the opportunity to get out from my comfort zone by moving in London. I'm not going to lie, at first I was so scared to leave my family, my friends and my home. I did not know what to expect once there. With time, I guess that it was the best decision I have never made. Regardless the fact that I'm studying in a other country, I'm also learning about myself, growing up and being independent. 
So girl, if you're scared to move from your hometown, please think about it twice Bbut take the step. I promise, you'll never regret it. It's such an amazing experience. Actually, I'm there for 3 year minimum.. so what is 1 year from your life ? NOTHING, SO DO IT. GO, TRAVEL AND LEARN A NEW LANGUAGE, MEET NEW PEOPLE, FIND A JOB, DEVELOP YOUR SKILLS. 

Jean - Pull&Bear (here) // Pullover - h&m // Boots - Boohoo (here)


samedi 1 octobre 2016

Casual day

You see.. I'm trying my best to be more regular :D
I hope you're all well (that's obvious as it's the week end!). So today, I'm posting a simple outfit, really casual and almost boyish. As you've surely seen on mainly of my posts, I like wearing cropped, smoking, chino (whatever) trousers. You can find them everywhere such as newlook, topshop (with a large panel of colors), pull&bear, stradivarius and many more. This one, as mentionned on 2 posts before, is from AvantPremière (AP). I'd stop saying this, but those trousers are LIFE because they're so comfortable and easy to wear.

Shirt - h&m // Trouser - AP // Shoes - Pull&Bear (here) // Denim jacket - Thrift shop //