mardi 10 janvier 2017

Long puffer jacket

Hello, I'm so happy to be back on capgawich..
It's been a while since the last post but let's be positive because 2017 has already started. This year is a new year which means that a lot of changes are coming. First as I said on the previous post, I'll take more time for my blog. Taking pictures more often, more active on instagram, design, projects..
By the way, for those who want to create a blog or a youtube channel since a long time PLEASE START.  Just do what you like regardless what people may say or think. My blog is not the best blog ever but I keep doing it and I'm HAPPY. I've been blogging since almost 4 years and I'm not ready to stop!
Anyways,  let's talk about my outfit. Have you seen my long puffer jacket? Please look at it properly! Some of my friends said "oh it was weird when we first saw it in the store but now you're wearing I kind of like it" You see.. Personally, I'm in love. I think it's the first time that I spend that much money on a coat but it's also the first time that I got a real coat that keeps me really warm. (Mum is happy).  It's from Veromoda and I bought in Geneva when I was back for Christmas but unfortunately I can't find it on the website which I don't understand... It costed 100 frs instead of 179 frs so it worth it. Oh yeah, my skirt is from Missguided. I'm really like those new small faux leather skirts that you can match with long coats. 
Bags- Bershka (here) // Coat - Vero Moda (not available on the website) // skirt - (here)& on sale
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4 commentaires

  1. Hello super ta doudoune ma caille!

    Es tu sur hellocoton? Je n arrive pas à te trouver et j'aimerais suivre ton actualité.
    Ajouté moi si tu me trouves ladyzorro.


  2. I really love your jacket! And the converse are just mythic, I couldn't dress myself withouth some good old converse!

    1. Thank you sweety and YES wearing converse is LIFE !

  3. Suite à ton commentaire, je viens de m'inscrire sur Hellocoton. Encore faudrait-il que je comprenne comment ça marche haha. Je ne manquerais pas de t'ajouter ;)