lundi 30 janvier 2017

Sock boots

It's Suuuunday and a new look is already online !!! 
This weekend has been pretty cool for me. My family came over to visit me which is so important when you live far from them. (London is not that far but still far anyways hahaha). You surely know that when your family comes they absolutely need to go for shopping. So.. I've been weak and obviously bought few things that I can't wait to show you soon :)

Anyways, let's talk about this pair of boots that I wanted so bad from Boohoo but I wasn't sure because this sock style doesn't suit everybody. I waited for the sales and.. yes I just bought them. 
Finally, I'm kind of happy  even though they should be more tight on my ankle.
Boots- Boohoo (here


2 commentaires

  1. Je suis fan de ta tenue, du gris et du gris relevé avec une touche de jaune moutarde.
    Bon dimanche