mercredi 22 mars 2017

electric blue

Im back with a new outfit!! 
Let me show you my new denim jacket that I bought on Asos for 28£ (on sale) 3 weeks ago. I just love it! Oh yeah, I recently also purchased this small bag. To be honest this type of blue is not my thing at all. All my life, I've been saying " I hate blue ".  If I'm wearing blue, it has to be really dark... but you know sometimes in life.. HAHAHA. and guess what ? only for 12,99£ . The aesthetic looks so nice that I was really shocked when I checked the price. 
p:s : Can't wait to be Saturday, I'll be shooting with another photographer met on Instagram! so exciiiiited :)
Denim jacket - similar here  // Bag - here 


2 commentaires

  1. J'aime beaucoup ta tenue et tes converses sont juste sublimes !!