jeudi 8 juin 2017

Denim on denim

Hello les filles, hope you're all good!
I've been absente over the past few days because I've been looking for a job. Yeah, uni is done and I'm already looking for a job. There's no break for me. I mean if I want to eat while I'll be staying in Miami, I better earn money quickly hahaha. Yessss, I'm going in Miami for this summer. I'll be staying there 2 weeks. I'm hella exciteeeeeeeeed. It'll be a sister trip so I can't wait to be the 20th of July and finally enjoy. What about you, where are you going?
Anyways, here's my new look. Basically I cut my skirt that was much more longer and I'm kind of pleased of the result. What do you think? Plus, my denim jacket that you might have seen many times on my blog but I really liked the denim on denim combination.
Have a nice end of week girls xx


2 commentaires

  1. Hello ma belle :)

    Tu es très chic dans ce look. Ca me rappelle l'époque 90's, qui revient à la mode actuellement!

    Au top :)


  2. Tu es canon, j'adore ton look !
    Bizzz Deltreylicious