samedi 2 février 2019

What is this season about ?

Hi everybody !
First of all, thank you for always taking time to check and read my articles. When I check my statistics and I can see that my people are still showing me love by visiting my blog. So guys.. THANK YOU!

Today my article will be quite short because I'm just focusing on showing you my trouser. Yes, flare again. I just have a thing for this kind of trouser because they emphasize your body shape. So, if you haven't got one, please do. Even in winter, you can rock them. because some of them a quite thick like this one with a suede textile. Just perfect when it's -3 degrees. Have you seen the colour ? As you might have already seen around you, this season it's all about brown shade colours (from a light beige to a proper brown colour). 

ps: I can't wait for better and sunny weather to wear more sunglasses. These are my favs by the way and guess what? They are on sale for £2.50 now !!!

Brown trouser - Zara (not online anymore but similar here // Sunglasses - Asos  here


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